Rebecca and Nick got married at the Humber Royal Hotel on an autumnal day back in October.

The day started for me with a catch up with all the girls in one of the rooms in the hotel – they were all happily getting ready and it was a great start to what was going to be an enjoyable day.  After that I took a few quick shots of Nick and his best man, before I got ready for the main event – the ceremony.

The ceremony room in the Humber Royal Hotel is great and had been beautifully decorated with candles down either side of the aisle and decorated with a pink and grey theme.  There was lots of smiling and laughter throughout the ceremony (and the whole day in fact) – you could tell that Rebecca and Nick are very happy together.

The weather was not really playing ball for us today so I had to make do with taking the group shots inside – luckily the hotel has enough space to accommodate!

Rebecca and Nick were very accommodating to my requests for photos and I managed to get some cracking shots of the happy couple.

I stayed until after a few dances when the party was in full swing.

I was a lovely day filled with love from a lovely and very happy couple.   Congratulations you two and all the best from the future.

Here is a selection of my favourite Humber Royal Hotel wedding photos and if you like what you see, as always, please do leave a comment at the bottom.


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