Becky and David got married back in September at the wonderful Lincolnshire wedding venue Hemswell Court.  A wedding at Hemswell court is a lovely intimate and romantic affair with roaring log fires and subdued lighting.  The building boasts rooms full of antique and treasures making it one of the more unique wedding venues in Lincolnshire.

The day started with me arriving at one of the bedrooms of the hotel to meet up with Becky and her bridesmaids all getting ready.  They all had their hair done and were finishing off their makeup and Becky had to play mum to her two boys who were rushing around with excitement (boredom?) as they were already ready!  I got the chance to caputer some lovely moment and a few nice portraits of Becky once she was dressed.  Then it was downstairs to catch up with David and his best man and trying to get the boys to stand still for long enough to grab a nice shot of them all together.

David then went into the ceremony room to wait for his bride to be Becky.  It was very touching to see her son (called Aidan!) walk her down the aisle – you could tell he was proud as punch!  I could see the emotion of David’s face as she walked up to him.  The ceremony was lovely with plenty of tears and laughter.

After everyone congregated outside to cover them in confetti, it was time to get on with the group shots.  They were a lovely group of guests and were all happy to oblige with my requests.   Once completed,  the guests could go and mingle inside so I could concentrate on caputing some beautiful portraits of Becky and David as husband and wife.

Hemswell, must be one of the only venues where the inside is more interesting that the outside and you can see this from the few shots below.  I got some lovely ones outside but the inside features and furniture made for some really special shots.

The speeches were excellent and quite a few tears when Aidan (Becky’s son) said a few words – it was fantastic.

I stayed until after the first dance as the crowd were great and really enjoying themselves – I couldn’t miss these few shots!

It was a brilliant day and thank you for letting me be a part of it.  As always, please do leave a comment below as I would love to hear your thoughts!


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