Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (And some you might not have thought of yet)

What happens if you are ill on the day?

To be honest (and touchwood!) I’ve never been ill enough to miss a wedding and I am hoping it stays that way!

I am lucky to be in my position as to have a network of trusted professional photographers I can call on in times of emergency. They would shoot the wedding for me, then when I have recovered, I would complete the rest the work for example edit the photos and design your album. Luckily this has never happened. However, for your peace of mind I am fully covered with indemnity insurance.

Can you provide a second photographer?

I generally don’t offer a second photographer because I try not to interrupt the flow of the day as much as possible.  When you have two photographers, the guests soon become very aware and may affect the natural feel to the photography. If you really feel you require a second photographer, I would only choose a fellow photographer whom I could trust to the job properly and therefore, there would be an additional charge, to cover their time assisting me.

Why do we need to pay for a professional photographer when we can just get our friend to do it for free?

A “friend” shooting your wedding for free will have no obligation to produce great images, or have any contingency for equipment failures or any back up plan. What happens if their camera stops working during the ceremony or their memory card fails with all your photos from the day on it? What if they completely miss a crucial shot, or their camera can’t cope with very low light?  There are no second chances – they have to be captured perfectly first time.   In essence, you are paying for a professional’s expertise and experience of handling difficult situations such as low light, bad weather and complicated crowd control, and also the fact they have trustworthy camera equipment that they can rely on again and again.

How many photographs are there in the finished set?

As every wedding is different it all depends on the day. But for a guide, for a full day wedding (bridal preparations through to first dance) I aim to deliver a minimum of 300 images. For shorter weddings, the minimum is 200.

How far will you travel?

As far as is necessary! I will happily travel within the UK but a small fuel contribution might be required for weddings over 30 miles or so from my home.

OK we’re convinced, how do we book?

The first thing to do is double check my availability. If I am free for your date, when you are ready, I will send over a booking form and contract and invoice for the £300 booking fee.  Once all these are completed the day is yours!