Wedding Albums

There is no better way of telling your wedding story than having your beautiful photos preserved for ever in a stunning wedding album.  You receive a top quality service from me from beginning to end so I believe you should also receive a top quality album when your wedding is over.  Something to keep those treasured memories in.

I offer two types of wedding album, The Fine Art and The Story Book.  Both are presented with a leather, or linen cover and your names etched on the front – another unique touch to your already personal album.  They are available in either 10×10 or 12×12 inch sizes.  They lay flat when you open them, and because the crease is almost invisible, your photos can be printed across the entire double page spread.

What is the difference between my albums?  Well its the type of paper they are printed on. The Fine Art paper is classic and timeless and is use in art galleries, it has absolutely no shine or gloss to it whatsoever.  It is the ultimate in wedding album paper. The Storybook has a “lustre” finish which has a subtle subdued shine to it.  The best thing to do is book an appointment with me and you can view all my samples!

These are high quality albums designed to last a lifetime.

Wedding Albums