Rachel and Pete had their ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Horncastle, and their reception at the Dower House Hotel in Woodhall Spa.  The Dower House Hotel is one of my favourite Lincolnshire wedding venues as it boast many rooms, a lovely staircase, fantastic grounds with a centrepiece gazebo, and most of all, connected by a lovely tree-lined road – what more could a wedding photographer ask for?

The day started with a visit to The Admiral Rodney Hotel in Horncastle to catch up with Rachel and her chief bridesmaid to capture the final bridal preparations.  Rachel was in good spirits and excited about her upcoming big day!  I really enjoy bridal prep photography as it is always a good opportunity to capture some of the details of the day that can often get overlooked.  Such as the shoes, flower, dress and jewellery.  Of course the main event is the bride and getting the chance to grab a few portraits of her in her dress before the main event!

After I had got what I needed, I headed to the church to catch up with Pete and his best man – I’m not sure who was more nervous!

The ceremony was of course lovely, with lots of smiling and laughter and a few tears from Rachel’s sister and mum!

When we got to Woodhall Spa for the wedding photography at The Dower House, the weather wasn;t playing ball at all and there was no way I drag the guests outside because the grounds were still flooded from the downpour the day before.  This means I had to use my skills and initiative and shoot the group shots inside.

Rachel and Pete however were more than happy to go outside – in fact they practically insisted – which is great!  I captured some lovely moments of the two of them together just in time before they were called to eat.

After the meal it was time for the speeches which were great and created plenty of laughter.

I stayed a good while after the first dance as the dance floor was PACKED with happy guests 🙂

All in all a fantastic day!  Congratulations Rachel & Pete!  As always, if you like what you see, please do leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Here are a few of my favourite wedding photos at the Dower House Hotel.

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These are incredible Aidan! We loved working with you and can’t wait to see the rest of the photos 🙂

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