Kenwick Park Hotel is one place I keep visiting a lot as a wedding photographer in Louth.  It has some beautiful grounds attached to it, friendly efficient staff and is just down the road from me!

Charlene and Lee booked me some time ago and the last time we met up was for their engagement photography at Kenwick Park.  We got on well then so I knew today would be good fun.

The day started for me with the final bridal preparations in one of the hotel rooms, where I was greeted by an excited Charlene and her bridesmaids and page boys.  I then had a quick chance to catch up with Lee, and being from a military background, I knew he’d be punctual and organised – and indeed he was, which came in very useful later on when organising the group shots.

The ceremony was lovely and was held indoors because their was a bit of light rainfall.  It made no difference as they were all in high spirits and there was plenty of laughter throughout the ceremony.

Once I’d given the couple the chance to greet their guests and have a mingle, it was time for the more formal group shots.  The rain was still falling so this meant I had to shoot them inside.  This is when it can be really great to shoot wedding photography at Kenwick Park – the building has a lovely staircase in its entrance and is a great backdrop for internal group shots.

Charlene and Lee were feeling brave and I managed to persuade them to take a short walk outside for me to capture some beautiful portraits of the happy couple.

A shorter day for me, so I stayed for the speeches and left as they were serving the meal.

Congratulations Charlene and Lee and all the best for the future.

Here are a few of my favourite wedding photos at Kenwick Park from the day.  Please do leave a comment at the bottom as I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Danielle Adams

Ahh being waiting 2 see these – definately worth the wait 🙂

Beautiful pictures Charlene xx

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