Carly and James got married at the Humber Royal Hotel in Grimsby, a wedding venue that I know well as a wedding photographer in Lincolnshire.  The hotel itself has been through a fantastic renovation and is the ideal location for your wedding in Grimsby.

I’d been looking forward to this day for a while now as I’ve known Carly for quite some time.  We had been chatting about the day a lot which meant I knew exactly what to expect and all of a sudden it was upon us!

The day started with meeting up with Carly for the last few stages of the bridal preparations.  I was greeted by a room FULL of people (and it was a pretty small room).  Carly’s two beautiful daughters and niece were there, all dressed up in their lovely bridesmaids dresses, all completely excited about their roles and the day ahead.  Carly was in the corner having her make up finished off by her good friend Emma from Amour Beauty in Cleethorpes who is a fantastic make up artist and whose wedding I will be shooting in May next year!  Carly’s mum and sister in law were trying to get ready and keep the girls under control too!  It was all great fun and I loved being a part of the excited atmosphere.

I let the girls finish off in peace and went downstairs to the bar to catch up with James and his unforgettable brother David.  James admitted to me he was rather nervous, but completely excited, and I think the pint in his hand helped!

Once I’d finished with the boys, it was time to make our way to the ceremony room, to await the arrival of the bride.

The ceremony itself was fantastic, with plenty of smiling and laughter and a few tears thrown in for good measure. James’s face was a picture of happiness when he first set eyes on Carly, and I don’t blame him, she looked stunning!  The bridesmaids seemed to be having lots of fun running around too – but no one minded!

Carly and James had hired John Morton a fantastic close-up magician to entertain the guests between the ceremony and the meal – he really was superb and you should check him out if you can.

Weddings at The Humber Royal Hotel are very well organised affairs, with attentive and efficient staff which meant I knew how long I had for the group shots.  Once these were out of the way, it was time for the meal.  Because I am a good friend of Carly’s, it meant that I got to be a guest and sit with my friends and enjoy the meal, which was superb.

The speeches were absolutely fantastic, and, even though I see a LOT of best man speeches, David’s was indeed one of the best I’ve ever seen – well I certainly thought it was very funny.  Well done David you should give yourself a pat on the back.

It was lovely to see my friend get married to someone she clearly loves very much and the attention to detail throughout the day was impeccable and you could see she had thought of everything.

I was very lucky and got to stay right until the end – capturing photos of the guests dancing and the fantastic band Mister Sister.

Well done you guys and all the best from the future, it really was a superb day!

As always, here are a few of my favourite photos from Carly and James’s Humber Royal Hotel wedding, and of course, please do leave a message at the bottom – I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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A truly great set of photographs that has really captured the moment! A talented photographer indeed

Leanne Southwell

Oh I love these!!! Was an amazin day xxx

Debbee Walker

Stunning photography Aidan! Carly, you look stunning as do the little ladies. x

Just gorgeous Aidan, but then you always do manage to capture the love x

Awesome Aidan, thank you ever so much 🙂

Rachel Clarkson

Beautiful mate xx

Carol Hornsey

What a lovely description of your view of the day & some truly beautiful pictures, thank you so much xxx

These are amazing!!!
Such a fantastic day captured incredibly…..awesome.
Carls…..u look stunning 😉 xxxx

Carly Hornsey

Amaze!!! Love you!! X

Carly Hornsey

Amaze!!! Love you!! X

Awesome photography of a lovely happy wedding !

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