Even though I am a well established Lincolnshire wedding photographer, this was my first ever outing as a Gunby Hall wedding photographer and I hope it isn’t my last – it is a wonderful venue with lush gardens, beautiful flowers and hedges and even a church! And this is where Sam and Sean had their beautiful wedding.  The church is right at the far end of the grounds and is extremely well hidden – a wonderful little gem in stunning surroundings.

I started the day at Gunby Hall waiting eagerly for the groom and he appeared just as I expected, with a buzz of excitement.   Soon to follow were his crew of best man, ushers and son as you can see below.

Once everyone was inside the church, I walked up to the main entrance to await Sam.  She certainly appeared in style and looked absolutely stunning in her father’s TR6 (I know nothing about cars so I can’t tell you any more!).  One of the Church’s unique selling points is that the bride has to take the lovely walk all the way down through the grounds, which in high heels can take about five minutes!

The ceremony itself was great with some lovely readings and lots and lots of smiles.

The weather didn’t play ball for the first part of the day and typically, it rained as we were all leaving the church – so it was a quick confetti shot and the bride and groom left in Sam’s dad’s car.

Sam and Sean own a holiday park on the outskirts of Lincoln and decided this would make an ideal setting for their wedding.   When I met up with them for their pre-wedding shoot I got the chance to look around the grounds and knew this would be a wonderful wedding venue in Lincolnshire.

It was at about this point when the weather decided to completely throw us – and I think to this date, this was the HOTTEST wedding I have ever done.  Seriously hot.  I had to work quickly when photographing the groups to avoid people melting!

They hired a marquee which had been beautifully decorated with organic wooden decorations and flowers and plants – it’s these lovely touches that can add an extra dimension to a wedding.  I was also really impressed by their table plan- a large tree trunk with metal planters stuck in it and attached to those were the table plans.

I got the chance to take the bride and groom around the grounds for some portraits and also got to photograph the lads being lads and getting in a boat in a pond.

It was then time for the speeches which were outside and very touching and personal.

It really was a fantastic day with a lot of effort to make it as personal as they could.

Congratulations Sam and Sean here are a few of my favourite photos from your Gunby Hall wedding.

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Stunning dress. Brilliant pictures as ever

Aidan Clarkson

Thank you!

Aidan Clarkson

Thank you!

Jessica Cummings

everyone was so happy this day and the photos capture it perfectly! thanks aidan!

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