The Louth Marquee Wedding of Jade and Sam

As a well established Wedding photographer in Lincolnshire, I have photographed many Louth marquee weddings before and there is just something so magical about having a wedding in a marquee!  There is a lot of scope to be very creative when it comes to themes and decorations – the couple are not restricted to using the venue’s themes or ideas.    If you are looking for a provider for your Louth Marquee wedding, then these guys are ideal!

This marquee wedding was completely Off.  The. Chart!  Everything from the bridal prep the incredible party featuring the beautifully talented Ellie Sax blowing the roof off!


Bride & Groom Preparations

The day started at the mother of the bride’s house for the bridal preparations where I was greeted by a very excited bride.  What I loved about capturing Jade before her big day was her positivity throughout – nothing phased her! It was very refreshing, and as you can see from the bridal prep photos, she couldn’t stop smiling.  The gorgeous bridesmaids all with their unique characters and personalities added to the morning.

From here, it was a quick trip to catch up with the groom and his best men (indulging in some dutch courage (and why not!), fairly early on in the proceedings, before I headed off to South Elkington Church.


The Wedding Ceremony

I always make sure I get to the church in plenty of time, this allows for me to be completely ready for when the bride and bridesmaids arrive, but also allows e to capture the guests arriving.  As a documentary wedding photographer, this can be one of the bet times to capture special intimate moments between the guests!  It could be that some of the guests have not seen each other for a very long time!   Once the bride arrived it was times to crack on with capturing the “formal” part of this Louth marquee wedding.   It was, of course, lovely, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a bride smile as much as Jade.


Louth Marquee Wedding – The Reception and Party

As briefly mentioned earlier, the reception and party were off the chart!  They had a local magician – James Kirman providing the mind bending entertainment, before, during and after the speeches – which were of course fantastic.

When the party started proper – the guest were raring to go and having their wedding in a marquee adds a certain <something> to a wedding and this one did not disappoint!  With Ellie Sax providing the entertainment later on – I’m sure they partied hard long into the night.

Thank you Jade and Sam!  I had a blast being your wedding photographer



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