Jo and Richard got married at Kenwick Park Hotel in Louth on Valentine’s Day.  I photograph a lot of weddings at Kenwick Park that sometimes I feel like a member of staff there so was great to be back at my old stomping ground.

The day started with me catching up with Jo, her sister and her mum in the bridal suite of the hotel for the bridal preparations.  Jo had booked Kate Atkinson as her make-up artist who as always, did a fantastic job.  As always, I got the chance to grab some detail shots of the dress, flowers and shoes.

I went downstairs to the bar to catch up with the groom Richard who had about four people round him trying to tie his cravat!  There’s a joke in there somewhere.  Then it was back to Jo to capture her walking down the stairs and walked into the ceremony room by her father.  The ceremony of course was lovely and you could see the kids were all very proud of their roles!

Once the ceremony had finished, I managed to persuade everyone to gather outside for a couple of very quick full group wedding photos in the Kenwick Park Hotel grounds – then it was back inside for the rest!

Jo and Richard were accommodating with my requests for photos and got the chance to walk them round the grounds of the hotel.  It was then time for the meal and the speeches.

I stayed until after the first dance and the kids were absolutely loving it!

Here are a selection of my favourite Kenwick Park wedding photos from Jo and Richard’s big day, as always, please do feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple!

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Christine Rooke

Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful day

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