Hollie and Craig’s beautiful summer Oaklands Hall Hotel wedding. I have been a wedding photographer at Oaklands Hall Hotel many times before, and they are always fantastic days. In fact, these two love the venue so much that they even had their ceremony there!

The day started with bridal preparations at Hollie’s parent’s very grand and gorgeous house. ¬†There was so much room to allow for extra special bridal prep photos.

For me, this was the first time I had shot a ceremony in the Oakland’s conservatory and the light in there was just exquisite.

The day was very relaxed and flowed really well, and Hollie and Craig were such a good “subject” couple. ¬†They embraced all my ideas and just went for it.

The drinks flowed, the speeches made everyone laugh and cry, and then they danced the night away – another cracking Oaklands Hall Hotel wedding.


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