A Charlotte House Hotel Wedding

Taya and Adam got married at the wonderful Charlotte House Hotel, a top quality Lincoln wedding venue.

Charlotte House is nestled at the back of the beautiful Lincoln castle grounds, next to a lovely quiet park in near the bailgate area of Lincoln.  The staff are attentive and helpful and there is a large function room to allow for the most extravagant of weddings and being a photographer at Charlotte House Hotel before, I know the venue very well.

Bridal Prep

The day started with the bridal preparations, with me in attendance to capture the little moments, the laughter, the nerves, the tears.   I also make sure I capture images of the details: the flowers, the engagement ring, the shoes and the dresses.  These things can often get overlooked but a lot of time and money has been spent on these so I make sure I capture them.

Ceremony & Guests

I like to mingle around the guests whilst they wait for the ceremony to start, and they’re usually found at the bar!   This is of course the time to catch up with the groom and the best man.

The ceremony was a lovely intimate affair with the sun beaming through the windows to add to the atmosphere and romance! You could clearly see the love and excitement on the happy couple’s faces whilst they exchanged vows and were declared husband and wife.

Reception & Drinks

After the ceremony had completed, I made sure the bride and groom had plenty of time to catch up with the guests before I cracked on with the group photos.

Bride & Groom Wedding Portraits

I pride myself on the ability to capture informal natural couples portraits, this for me, is one of the most important parts of the day photography wise.  I don’t spend too long on these because I don’t want them to take too much time away from their guests.  I like to take the couple for a short walk around the grounds looking out for interesting and eye catching locations and features.

Speeches & Party

The meal the venue served, was of course delicious, and once everyone had finished eating, it was time for the speeches.  A great opportunity to capture all the emotions at once.

Once the speeches were over, there was time for the guests to chill before the party started!  The bride and groom completed their first dance and then the guests joined them on the dance floor, and it remained pretty full by the time I left.

Another cracking Charlotte House Hotel wedding!

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