Well what can I say?  One of my oldest friends FINALLY gets married!  I never thought I’d see the day 😉

Naturally, when Aimie and Les asked me to be their wedding photographer I jumped at the chance and said it would be my absolute pleasure.  (I think I’d long since accepted the fact that I’ll never go to a wedding again as just a guest!  And besides, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else shooting it – it wouldn’t have seemed right.)

I met up with Aimie in their lovely house in Louth and was greeted by a house full of excited females, including Les’s niece and Aimie’s daughter who were both bridesmaids on the day.

Once I’d finished at the house, it was a short drive to the church in Donington-On-Bain, a little village outside Louth which was to be the setting of their Lincolnshire wedding.  I saw Les and thought to myself “you handsome devil you” and could just tell he was SO happy to be there and excited to be finally saying “I do” to Aimie.

Aimie turned up to the church in her dad’s vintage car with a huge smile on her face and, to be honest, I don’t think she stopped smiling all day long and hearing her say things like “it’s a dream come true” was an absolute delight.

Now there were no actual photos of the ceremony due to the wishes of the vicar, but, she very kindly let me pose them again for a couple of shots after the ceremony had finished which you can see below.  The guests (including me!) all met up on the church grounds where our good friends had set up a small gazebo tent and tea/coffee, cupcakes beer and Pimms (!) had all been provided – it was quite different and very lovely.

Once the group shots were out of the way, I took the happy couple for some intimate portraits around the church grounds and the village.  This is something I ensure I get the time to do with each and every one of my couples.  They were relaxed and very easy to work with – perhaps knowing me well helped.

We all reconvened back in Louth in The Town and Country Club which they had decided would be their Louth wedding venue.  It was beautifully decorated by Aimie and her friends.  There we had some amazing speeches from Aimie’s friend and a very touching one from Aimie’s dad, who you could just tell was so very proud of his daughter.  Also a very emotional one from Les – which I think surprised everyone, and lots of laughs from his best man and brother, who just did THE BEST Les impersonation ever!

After we ate, they cut the beautiful cake made by Les’s very talented sister and then we all partied and danced the night away.  It was an absolutely fantastic day full of happiness, so much happiness and it was a complete pleasure to be a part of, both as the official photographer and a guest.

Congratulations you two you both seem so happy together and I’ll see you soon!

If you like the photos below, I would love to hear your thoughts, or, even if you want to just leave a message of congratulations,  please do so below.

Finally, if you would like to consider booking me as your Lincolnshire wedding photographer then please do get in touch.

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Im with you Auntie Liz,made me cry so now have to work with panda eyes ,simply stunning pics,so happy for my cousin & new hubby xx

Absolutely Stunning Shots of your special day.
Congratulations & lots of love & best wishes to you both
& I do have tears in my eyes Aimee, of happiness for you
Love Danni xxx

So pleased we finally got to see our lovely niece so happy with her wonderful husband, Les. Aunty Liz cannot stop crying – with happiness – while scrolling through these absolutely beautiful photos. Well done Aidan. Love to the both of you from Aunty Liz and Uncle Harry

Jenny Clarkson

Beautiful pictures from a beautiful day 🙂 x

Wow pics are fabulous Aimie, your hair looks gorgeous x

Ah! I can't stop looking at these pictures Aidan. They are so beautiful. I can't believe it's us really. x

Thanks these are lovely pictures. You have totally captured the joy of the day. We are so pleased that you were our photographer even if you are a bit bossy 🙂 xx

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