Chloe & Ashley’s Laceby Manor Wedding

I was happy to be back at one of my regular local wedding venues – Laceby Manor Hotel to photograph Chloe & Ashley’s wedding – a wedding venue I’ve photographed at quite a few times and was happy to be given the opportunity again, it’s a fantastic place that I love working at.

I started the day at the bride’s parents house to set the mood for Chloe’s wedding day. The bridal preparations are always great fun and I get to photograph fantastic moments as the bridal party laugh and gossip. Weddings at Laceby Manor are always great for the bridal prep photos because on the grounds of the hotel, they have their own exclusive lodges, which are used by the bride and groom and their guests.

Fast forward to the ceremony and we were all delighted that the weather gods were looking down on us which meant that Chloe and Ashley could have their wedding outside in the purpose built gazebo. Ashley could not hide his joy when he saw Chloe walking down the aisle in her magnificent dress.

I enjoy drifting among the guests during these moments to take the best shots and witness the stories unfold as the hours go by and I made sure to make the most of the venue’s purpose designed grounds during the bride and groom portraits.

Once the ceremony was complete and the bride and groom managed to greet all their guests, it was time for the group shots and bride and groom couple wedding portraits

The guests enjoyed a delicious wedding breakfast and the speakers prepared to deliver their speeches, which were, as always a great part of the wedding and a joy to photograph as a wedding photographer.

Once the DJ began the evening entertainment the dance floor was full, it was the perfect end to a perfect day. Chloe and Ashley’s wedding was one of the loveliest weddings I had photographed recently and I wish them all the best.

A woman is getting ready in front of a mirror at Laceby Manor. A group of women sitting on a couch in Laceby Manor, wearing beautiful dresses. Chapman_0003 Chapman_0004 Chapman_0005 A man in a Laceby Manor suit is adjusting his tie. Chapman_0007 Chapman_0008 Chapman_0009 Chapman_0010 Chapman_0011 Chapman_0012 A groom standing in front of Laceby Manor wedding gazebo. Chapman_0014 Chapman_0015 Chapman_0016 Chapman_0017 Chapman_0018 A bride and groom exchange vows at Laceby Manor under a gazebo. Chapman_0020 Chapman_0021 Chapman_0022 Chapman_0023 Chapman_0024 Chapman_0025 Chapman_0026 Chapman_0027 Chapman_0028 Chapman_0029 A black and white photo of a bride and groom signing their wedding vows at Laceby Manor. Chapman_0031 Chapman_0032 A man and woman posing for a picture at Laceby Manor. Chapman_0036 Chapman_0037 A bride and groom walking down a path in the Laceby Manor woods. Chapman_0039 Chapman_0040 Chapman_0041 Chapman_0042 A couple strolling through Laceby Manor, with trees in the background. Chapman_0044 Chapman_0045 Chapman_0046 Chapman_0047 A groom is wiping his eyes with a tissue at Laceby Manor wedding. A bride and groom signing their wedding vows at Laceby Manor. Chapman_0050 Chapman_0051 Chapman_0052 Chapman_0053 Chapman_0054 Chapman_0055 Chapman_0056 A mesmerizing scene unfolds at Laceby Manor, as a radiant bride and her dashing groom gracefully sway together in an enchanting dance, illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight. Chapman_0058 Chapman_0059 A bride and her dad walking down a path at Laceby Manor, adorned with lanterns.